Color Craze + Garnet

Color Craze | Garnet


This month’s color of the month is Garnet. And what’s not to love about this color – it’s rich, warm and you almost feel like it says “love” just by looking at it.

As a planner, color is one of our FAVORITE things – it truly can make or break an event. And color is so subjective. What one person sees may not be what another sees. Our job is to bring the perfect combination of colors together that truly reflect the personality of the couple and then bring that to life in their event.

Garnet, of course, being the jeweled tone member of the red family, is really the royalty of the reds. And the best part, it really can be partnered with many different colors including members of the pink family without feeling like Valentine’s day.

The Meaning: it is a stone of love and passion and is considered a stone of increasing commitment, honesty, hope, and faith. What more could you ask for on your wedding day! This color is just perfect.

Here are some of our favorite combinations:

GARnet, soft blue, and white

This combination gives you a soft whimsical feeling. Like you just walked out of the pages of a classic novel. It shows that by choosing a bold color can still be soft and romantic.


GARNET, Blush, and mint

Garnet, blush and mint, such a yummy combination! It’s warm yet such a fresh feeling. Rich yet soft. We really can’t get enough of these hues together.

Garnet & Gold 

Bold and powerful. Truly a bride that knows what she wants uses this palette. It’s so striking it bound to leave guests with a feeling of decadence!