Color Craze + Garnet

Color Craze | Rose Gold


As a planner, color is one of our FAVORITE things! Each month we love to share of favorite combinations paired with the signature color of the month. Our job is to bring the perfect combination of colors together that truly reflect the personality of the couple and then bring that to life in their event.

This month’s color of the month is Rose Gold. This metallic is the perfect hue to warm all of your guest’s hearts.

The History: Even though we see it everywhere now, it is not a recent invention. It became extremely popular in Russia at the beginning of the nineteenth century,  and was initially called “Russian Gold”. That term became obsolete with the introduction of Cartier’s ‘Trinity’ ring in 1924 that surged rose gold to a new standard.

The Meaning:  Pertaining to the gold spectrum, this warm metallic represents love. And who doesn’t want to include “Love” in their wedding?

Here are some of our favorite combinations:

Rose Gold, Taupe, Grey, Ivory

With this soft whimsical color combination, your wedding will be the epitome of timelessness & romance.


Ivory, ROSE GOLD, Grey + Burgundy

This bold combination allows your personality to shine through. Combining all these hues will make a statement for years to come.