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Coffee Talk: Four Fabulous Florists

Four Fabulous Florists


Recently Karma asked Four Fabulous Florists from 4 locations about the trends and inspirations that they love & those that they want to leave behind.

See what these florists have to say when we hit them with some hard hitting FAQ – “Fun Ass Questions!”

On our panel, we have Jackie from J Morgan Flowers (Broward County), Julia from Julia Rohde Designs (Miami-Dade County), Darines from Simply Flowers (Palm Beach County) and Wimberly from Wimberly Fair Designs (Charleston, SC)

Question 1:  Favorite Flower

Jackie: Peonies, any color

Julia: Definitely Garden Roses!  Garden Roses come in so many different colors, shapes, textures, more than any other flowers. They all have different fragrances, their petal counts are always different and they truly have the widest color range of any flower. They’re just amazing!

Darines:  It’s ever changing, but this season ranunculus have really been spectacular.

Question 2: Favorite Color Palette

Julia:  I have so many favorite color palettes but my top two are plum/white/ivory/apple green/lavender and blush/sherbet orange/peach/coral.

Darines:  We love mixing it up with color…right now I’m loving the mix of pale buttery yellow and dusty pinks, with shades of green

Jackie: Whites and greens

Question 3: What Designs trends are here to stay? 

Darines:  Organic, loose airy, textured pieces

Wimberly:  I think the ethereal trend is here to stay for weddings–diaphanous gowns, metallics, candlelight galore. Green is the Pantone color for another six months, so we will likely see more of the ‘enchanted woodland’ look for floral design, with loose, garden-style bouquets.

Jackie: Gold, blush, white & garden feel

Julia: I see the greenery garlands and incorporation of greenery staying as a 2017 trend and also using metallics, whether gold, silver, copper or rose gold.

Question 4: What trends are you excited to see go? 

Wimberly: The word “Fri-yay,” head-to-toe boho, and llamas as wedding accessories.

Jackie: Mason jars and burlap

Julia: Probably the tight floral look, it’s pretty, but it really forces the designer to be confined creatively. There are so many ways you can create with floral, and if you get the green light from a bride to have that creative freedom, some of the absolute best weddings can come of that.

Darines: Mercury votives!

Question 5: What’s the next trend? 

Jackie: Pops of color

Julia:  I see floral design as a versatile market, where you can do flowers in any sort of style whether that is Vintage, Rustic, Modern, etc. The trends I see coming into play are more of a modern approach to floral design using clean lined vases and décor, less of the more rustic pieces. I love coming up with new, inventive tablescape designs, and one of the ways to stay on trend with a more modern, contemporary style is creating designs that are a spin on the old, traditional modern take on design. Whether it means incorporating a different composition of floral design, adding new modern pieces to our existing collection of vases, candleholders, table numbers, etc., all of those pieces play an important role in telling the story of the wedding using a new and modern approach.

Darines: Metals

Wimberly: Wearable flowers. The flower crown is obviously the most popular version right now, and I think we’ll see more designs where flowers and fashion intersect. Floral sashes, statement corsages, and jewelry. I love the way flowers are being woven into messy updos, a chunky braid etc. Susan McLeary works a ton with wearables and is incredibly imaginative (@passionflowersue on Instagram).

And color! The Pantone Color Institute released its forecast for 2018, and intense colors trump pastels for the upcoming year. There is more green to come this summer, followed by color.

Question 6: What is something you want all brides to know about floral design?

Julia: Floral design is an art form and nothing in nature is ever perfect. It’s important to know this and have the flexibility and trust to let your floral designer create a gorgeous design for your wedding. Creating the floral style for the wedding is one of the most fun parts of expressing a bride & groom’s style and telling the story of a wedding. With flexibility in the design components and even a bit of creative freedom, it gives your designer the ability to be an artist and create something exceptional for their wedding design.

Darines: This shit is hard and expensive. haha, but honestly, flowers are not as inexpensive as you may think and there is more that goes into the process than just playing with pretty things.

Wimberly: A bride’s bouquet is typically photographed more than any other floral design in a wedding. Be sure to chat with your designer about what colors and shapes best compliment your style and dress. What size best suits your frame? Most brides spend considerable time, energy, and resources on their wedding gowns—find a floral designer dedicated to creating a bouquet that holds its own.

Jackie: It takes forever and is extremely labor intensive.

Question 7: What’s you must have item for any event?

Darines: Zip ties

Jackie: Tool: Zip ties Design element: Upgraded linen and lighting

Julia: My apron! I have left behind so many floral clippers on reception tables by mistake just by being in the midst of a wedding setup. It has everything you could need for the day of setup, supplies, granola bars, chapstick, you name it. My next must-have item is probably going to be a CamelBak. Having a constant water source to stay hydrated when you’re on your feet in the sun for 10 hours straight is also a must have.

Question 8: Beverage of choice? 

Jackie: Anything red!

Julia: Pina Colada!

Darines:  These days, it’s Moscow mules

Question 9: If there is a slogan for your life, what would it be? 

Julia: Doubt kills more dreams than failure ever will.” I’ve always been so afraid of failure, now I’ve realized it is just a part of life and professional growth. You can only learn and get better at what you do and be a stronger person through failure.

Darines: Work hard, play hard!

Jackie: Stop and the smell the roses

Question 10:  Are you sunrise, daylight, twilight, or night? Why did you pick your time of day?

Darines:  Daylight, cause i love the sunlight but can’t wake up early for the life of me

Jackie: I was born yawning, tea-time is always the perfect time!

Julia: Night! For some reason, I’m more productive then and can jam out some serious emails in the late hours.

Question 11: Any other words of wisdom you’d like to share with our readers? 

Jackie: Be true to yourself and your sense of style

Julia: If you have a dream, whatever it is, you won’t know what’s possible until you go for it. As a self-taught floral designer, I really believe you can learn anything. Right now I’m a floral designer, but with all of the other dreams I have, the future should be interesting.

Darines: Relax, and hire professionals to help you do so.


Meet Our Pros: 

J Morgan Flowers: J Morgan Flowers was founded in 2004 by London-born floral designer Jacqueline Goldman and they quickly grew into a team of passionate and talented designers who are dedicated and each brings their own unique personalities and design aesthetics to J Morgan Flowers! Our team has a range of experience from intimate dinner parties to large gala events. We are able to offer a full-service design and help with all design elements from rentals, draping and lighting for a cohesive design and flawless event. We are dedicated to providing extraordinary designs and exceptional service.

Julia Rohde Designs: Julia Rohde Designs is a Boutique Floral & Event Design Studio based in Miami, Florida creating since 2012. Our young yet thriving company is based on a culture that brings attention to a supportive, inspiring and innovative environment where our team continues to dream up the most relevant and thoughtful designs for our clients. Our hearts are invested in creating a design like no other that incorporates a playfulness that provokes intrigue and curiosity. Thoughtfully composed by Julia Rohde and her skilled design team, our arrangements incorporate seasonal elements using fruits, floral, herbs and foliage to create our signature, garden-style designs.

Simply Flowers: At Simply Flowers, we treat each piece as a work of art. We celebrate the simplicity of a single flower as well as the beauty of abundance or foliage. We believe in creativity, and creating only comes to life when done with love and enthusiasm. That being said, we have fun in doing what we love most: creating beautiful pieces with flowers!

We specialize in detail oriented pieces, from small, intimate events to lavish corporate parties. We absolutely love destination weddings and are experienced in working with brides planning their big day from out of town. Our style is simple, modern and rustic.  You can expect your guests to remember your event, as there is always an unusual twist to our approach.

We take huge pride in being a “boutique” style shop. One that listens, creates and executes.

Wimberly Fair Designs: Wimberly is a floral designer based in Charleston, SC. She has over 12 years’ experience producing events in Washington, D.C. and planned special events for Historic Charleston Foundation for two years. Creator of custom garland, imaginative tablescapes, and artful bouquets.