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Coffee Talk: A Photography Powwow

A Photography Powwow


Recently Karma hosted a photography powwow with four incredibly talented photographers from 4 locations about the trends and inspirations that they love & those that they want to leave behind.

See what these photographers have to say when we hit them with some hard hitting FAQ – “Fun Ass Questions!”

On our panel, we have Becca from Becca Borge Photography (Dade County), Chris Kruger Photography (Palm Beach County) Emily from Emily Harris Photography (Broward County) and Kristy from Kristy Roderick Photography (Charleston, SC)

Question 1: How would you define your style?

Becca: Fresh and authentic! But I hate feeling boxed in by words haha, don’t hold me to them

Chris: We are very modern, romantic and true to life. We make sure to capture moments throughout a wedding day as they happen without interference and in this way we get the best candid raw moments for the couple to look back on and feel as though they are reliving their day. Our editing style is very modern and natural so it will last a lifetime without regret.

Emily: Our photographs are natural and unrehearsed. Our candid and documentary style allows our couples to tell their own love story for generations to come.

Kristy: My photography style is a blend of fine art photography and documentary photography. There are times when I document the natural moments unfolding in front of me and there are times when I need to style and direct to achieve the most beautiful image. I prefer to capture and create images that feel organically intimate or organically joyful… That is what I love to see the most and want for my clients!

Question 2: What is something you want all brides to know about photography/wedding photographers?

Chris: We work extremely hard. It’s not just push a button (the camera does very little for us). We have to learn a lot about lighting, depth of field, editing, body shapes and sizes, and capturing their true personalities.

Emily: Good Queensland wedding photographers know how to take photographs in all different lighting situations, a GREAT wedding photographer know how to take photographs in all different lighting situations, stays on a timeline, takes control of a group, provide posing directions, and does it all with a smile.

Kristy: I think it’s important to understand that you should be choosing a photographer based on their style and the consistency of their style. You are essentially hiring an artist, and no two photographers will ever photograph a wedding the same way and produce the same images. You want to line up stylistically before anything else! You also need to like them!! 🙂 We are there guiding and directing throughout the entire day and it’s important to feel comfortable with your photographer! I also think it’s important to understand that we are here to capture the essence of this one day, for you, which is so much more than just firing off with a camera. We spend years developing our skill set, our artistic style, and our ability to joyfully interact with everyone at your wedding. Really take a minute to factor all of that in when choosing who is right for you! We prefer it too! There is nothing better than working with a bride and groom that I easily line up with!

Becca: We need the freedom to be creative. The more shot lists/Pinterest requests we get…the less freedom we have and we’ll miss the shots that are unique to your day. Choose a photographer you love, so that you can trust them. You’ll enjoy your day so much more

Question 3: What equipment do you use?

Emily: We work with Canon 1DXs and 5D Mark IVs, we have photo lens ranging from 16mm- 300mm. Prime, telephoto, and macro.

Becca: We use mostly Canon equipment, but don’t get caught up in the name. Other brands like Nikon are equally good! They are just tools, it’s all a matter of knowing how to use them.

Kristy: I use all Canon gear. My Camera bodies are all 5D Mark III’s and I prefer prime lens.. 85mm, 50mm and 35mm. I prefer natural light so you won’t see me use artificial light unless it’s a must!

Chris: We use Canon full frame DSLR and Canon L lenses along with Medium format film cameras.

Question 4: What does that mean to people who know nothing about photography?

Kristy: All that basically means is that I prefer to use a lens that is great for photographing people, while still being close enough to interact with them! I talk a lot during portraits, so I need to feel close and easily heard. There are really 3 reasons why I prefer to not use artificial light 1. Because I want my clients to look back and remember the day as it was and not how I made it look because I altered the light in the situation. 2. Because I am a minimalist by nature and less is always more to me! 3. I like the challenge of natural light photography. The sun is just another tool you have to master and it’s not always exactly where you want it to be! You have to quickly analyze and make decisions based on where the sun is and what is going to be most flattering for skin tones, shadows etc. It can be stressful, but it’s also so much fun!

Chris: Honestly, people who know nothing about photography just need to know that they are professional cameras that will capture their day regardless of light or weather conditions. We also have backup cameras and equipment to ensure they are covered on their special day.

Emily: This means that we can capture the tiniest details close up, wide shots that show off your environment and also be like a fly on the wall photographing from a far distance.

Question 5: What must-have shots/trends are here to stay?

Kristy: When I got married almost 9 years ago, it wasn’t customary to spend more than a few minutes photographing the bride and groom’s portraits. That’s all changing and we are putting more and more time into capturing the two of them than ever before, which I love! When helping my clients create the perfect photography timeline, I stress the importance of carving out that time, even if we have to cut something else short! There is also the option of a “first look” if you really want a good hour of portrait time! It’s important because, at the end of the day, we are here to celebrate the love between these two people and it’s my job to make sure they have photographs that reflect that!

Becca: Some people may want to rush through family photos – but I personally love when I can capture a gorgeous shot and think it’s so important. If the family is up for it and it “fits” them, I also like to have some fun with it too

Chris: Shots with motion/emotion. We get amazing feedback from walking shots, poses with either the bride or groom doing some type of movement. Also, photos where there is no direct interaction with the camera but lots of emotion.

Emily: first looks, mix-match bridesmaid dresses, comfortable white pumps for the bride.

Question 6: What are you excited to see go?

Becca: I’m sure there’s something, but I can’t think of it right now

Chris: Pinterest (and burlap). It’s great for ideas but we would love for brides to stop expecting their photos to match them. A lot of the weddings they see are styled shoots with models that have had a whole team with them for every photo making sure everything is absolutely perfect. They just need to trust their photographers and trust that they will do everything they can to make their wedding photographs amazing. A lot of the shots they like are poses we will most likely do anyway but instead of trying to recreate it from Pinterest, we find a way to make it their own.

Emily: Snapchat filters, wedding hashtags

Kristy: Anything Rustic!

Question 7: What’s the next trend?

Emily: Having girls be in the groomsmen party and boys being in the bridesmaid party

Kristy: I am not sure about the next trend, but I am hoping that the trendy use of greenery and florals sticks around!! I can’t help my love for floral design and anything truly natural. I love the use of potted plants, greenery cascading from tables and signage. I especially love a floral chandelier!! Yes, if nothing else… bring on the flowers and greenery!

Becca: Hopefully? More authentic thought with what you have/don’t have…and do/don’t do at your wedding. You don’t need to do ______ “just because”. Be excited about your day and what it entails, don’t have the “fluff” if it’s going to stress you out!

Chris: Mixed styles and color combinations. Lots of greenery and foliage.

Question 8: Favorite color palate/color combinations to shoot?

Kristy: I think this really depends on the time of year but I naturally gravitate to a softer color pallet. for spring and summer, I love seeing dusty blues, pale rose or even light gray. Not necessarily together! I also really love to see richer tones as we move into fall. I guess you can say that I don’t have a favorite!

Becca: I love pastels for bridesmaids dresses. Mints/golds/peachy colors in general. But honestly I don’t have a favorite – I love having a variety of combos to shoot and I’m happy to have some weddings that are very colorful, while others are more neutral.

Chris: We love shooting Navy and Gold. It’s just elegant and looks great with everyone.

Emily: Love neutral colors and gold

Question 9: What’s your must-have item for any event?

Becca: Comfortable shoes. I’m always on the hunt for the perfect wedding shoes that are cute and super supportive at the same time

Emily: Ear Plugs

Question 10: Your Beverage of choice?

Emily: Today it is a strong margarita on the rocks with salt

Kristy: I love a good mojito! I love fresh mint! I also love ginger so I have been having fun with all of the flavored mules that are so trendy right now! Of course, I only partake in my time off!

Becca: Plain old water 🙂

Chris: Coca-Cola along with Rice Krispie treats.

Question 11: If you were to create a slogan for your life, what would it be?

Emily: Start each day with a grateful heart.

Becca: Collect moments, not things.

Chris: Enjoy every moment (and take photos as your lasting memories).

Question 12: Are you Sunrise, daylight, twilight, or night? Why did you pick your time of day?

Emily: Definitely sunset/twilight

Kristy: I think I’m daylight. I’m normally pretty bright and cheerful and naturally optimistic!

Becca: I love waking up to the sun rising, that warm light! Something about beginning a brand new day…

Chris: Daylight. We love it when the bright daylight is shining through from behind the couple, giving them a warm, sun-kissed tone. The best time of daylight is the hour before sunset, which photographers like to call “golden-hour.”

Question 13: Any other words of wisdom you’d like to share with our readers?

Kristy: Yes!! Don’t be afraid to go outside of what is traditional to make your wedding day your own!! Do what represents you, as a couple! Think outside of the box and have fun with it! If you don’t like to dance, but you love to sing, have a first song! The more we all get to see YOU in your wedding, the more amazing the experience is for everyone! Before you get immersed in the planning process, really envision what you want your day to look and feel like!

Becca: Seriously – enjoy the day and don’t sweat the small stuff. No day is perfect, just allow yourself to be happy regardless 🙂 It WILL make a difference in your photos. It helps big time to have an awesome planner 😉 Also, comfortable shoes…or a pair of sandals to carry around during portrait time to switch into for walking. I hate to see bride’s become so miserably uncomfortable that they can’t even get into the moment and laugh with their spouse, or they want to end portraits early because they just can’t stand in the shoes anymore.

Chris: On your wedding day just relax and enjoy. It’s going to go by so fast you won’t even realize it. Trust your vendors and just have fun and go with the flow.

Emily: Never forget the real reason that you are planning a wedding, you found yourself a partner that you want to spend the rest of your life with. That’s it. Nothing more. It’s amazing. Celebrate that, celebrate love.

Meet Our Pros:

Becca Borge Photography: We are a husband and wife photography team and I wouldn’t want it any other way. We are both alike and different in a lot of ways…and it’s both the similarities and the differences that I think make us such a great wedding team together. We have been documenting weddings for 5 years now and have photographed weddings in California, Colorado, Georgia, Puerto Rico, North Carolina, St. Maarten, Connecticut, and all throughout the state of Florida. We’re passionate about love, believe in marriage, and cherish what we do.

Chris Kruger Photography: Hi! This is Chris and Kerri from Chris Kruger Photography! We are a husband and wife team specializing in weddings and engagements throughout South Florida, and also travel for destination weddings. We knew that photography was right for us once we got married and relived our wedding day through the photographs from our photographer. We’ve experienced life’s biggest moments together (engagement, wedding, pregnancy, family), they all come with the deepest emotions. And we want to capture that for you. We love providing bright, crisp, and timeless images for our couples, capturing all these beautiful moments of their story. Your story in photographs, tangible memories.

Emily Harris Photography: Husband and Wife team – Aaron and Emily create a comfortable, natural environment for their subjects because of their enthusiasm for the job and friendly personalities. They understand that weddings are a time to celebrate the bride and the groom both as individuals and as a couple. Both strive to illustrate the couple’s unique identity within each photograph. As a result, their documentary style allows the couple to tell their own story.

“Our photographs are emotional, natural and unrehearsed. Our style of documentary photography allows our subjects to be transported not just back to the moment, but back to the feeling, the excitement and the emotion that makes the moment worth remembering.”

Kristy Roderick Photography: I am a self-proclaimed adventurous homebody. As much as I love traveling and exploring a new city, I am just as happy at home with my sweet husband and our two girls. Regardless of where I am, I’ve learned to cherish the time I have with the ones that I love and to be grateful for all of the incredible people I get to meet along the way. After leaving my career as a registered nurse, I said goodbye to that chapter of my life to build a business of my dreams, but I took away a deep appreciation for life and love.