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Best Reasons Not to Hire a Wedding Planner – DEBUNKED

Best Reasons Not to Hire a Wedding Planner


It’s funny as I sit to write this I am bombarded with all of the things I have heard from brides over the years in regards to hiring vs. not hiring a planner. I suppose there is a strong argument both sides – wait, who am I kidding!

Hiring a planner is the single most perfect gift you can give to yourself on your wedding day. Do you really want to worry about all the details you have put together over the last year or so or have your family member run around and do it for you? No, that’s why you hire a planner.

Here are our favorite Reasons not to:

It’s not in my budget:

OK let’s start by saying that there is only one vendor you can hire that can possibly save you money & that is your planner. They know the industry. They know where to find what you are looking for at the price that fits your budget. They can negotiate with every vendor to save you money. A good planner can negotiate so that their fees that you spend almost become a wash. So not only do you get a planner to manage your wedding but with all the savings they got you, you get the wedding you dreamed of without breaking the budget.

Venue Provides someone:

Hmmm…. I have heard this a lot and I do work with a lot of venues but there is not one venue out there that provides someone who does what a planner does (Venues – I love you but you know what I am saying). A venue supplied person can do some of what you may need day-of but they will in no way meet the needs of what you expect of them and nor should they. The venue person is there to manage things from the venue’s perspective, a planner is there is manage the client’s perspective.

I’m a control freak:

I get it – I am too but I know that if there is a professional who can do what I need so that I can focus on what I do best, man I am on it. You can be an A-type personality and still hand over the reigns of the wedding to someone else who will execute the day in the manner you have envisioned. A planner is there to cross every “T” and dot every “I” for you so you can enjoy the day you have created.

Oh, I plan everything myself, it’s what I do:

It may be what you do and I am sure you do it amazingly every single time but when planning a special dinner party or birthday party. How tired are you at the end, did you get to enjoy it? I would fathom a guess the answer is “no .” Let the professional who does this for a living manage one of the most important days of your life. So when someone asks you how your wedding was, you can say “wonderful!”

My Friend is going to do it:

You probably already know what I am going to say here but just in case, a friend who is going to do it, is also likely invited to the wedding and will be working the entire time. Is that something you would want a friend to do? Secondly, do they have the experience to be able to manage any problems that may arise, the knowledge of the industry to replace something that doesn’t show up or come up with solutions that will resolve problems before you even know it? They also don’t know the best places to look for wedding photography VA Beach, caterers, flowers, etc. that are all within budget.

At the end of the day, when the guests are gone and you reflect back on your wedding with your new husband, a planner wants you to have only the best memories. And that’s we are there for.