They’re Engaged! Time to Celebrate our own!

They’re Engaged!!!

Engaged? Who us?  Well, it’s not too often that we get to celebrate our own staff but Karma is so pleased to announce the engagement of not only 1 but 2 of our staff members.

Love is truly in the air!

So who’s next? They say things happen in 3’s…. you will have to stay tuned to see if that saying holds true.

Sam + Max:

Sam and Max have known each other since the 6th grade. And if you cannot tell their dogs are a big part of their life. Max completed surprised Sam when she came home to see their fur-babies with the most adorable signs asking her to be an official member of the Goldberg family. She said yes! How could she not with that proposal?
They're engaged









Lauren + Mark:

Here’s how it happened: It was my birthday so we were heading to dinner to celebrate with my parents. I did not know where we were eating, as it was a surprise…they just knew I wanted seafood! We arrived at Sea Watch in Ft. Lauderdale and our table was not ready yet when we arrived. We all went to the bar to grab a drink before going outside to take pictures. I wanted to just take pictures on the grass overlooking the Ocean, but Mark made be walk out onto the sand, further out along the beach. After we were done taking photos, Mark turned to me, grabbed my hand, got down on one knee and asked me to marry him. Of course, I said yes and my parents were there to capture this special moment. We all went back inside where our table was magically “ready” and beautifully decorated. I spent the rest of the night celebrating with my parents and now fiancé!

They're engaged!